Everyone’s unveiling new-for-2021 motorcycles, and MV Agusta’s joined in on the action, with the new Superveloce Alpine.

While some people hoped the Alpine teasers meant we’d see an adventure machine from MV Agusta (which the company is indeed working on), the new bike is just another fancy paint job with super-limited production. At its heart, it’s a Superveloce 800 sportbike. It’s got special-edition livery done in conjunction with French automaker Alpine.

Like the Superveloce 800, the Alpine variant has a split exhaust (made by Arrow), with one muffler on the left side of the bike, and two on the right. The 798cc liquid-cooled triple is supposedly good for 145ish horsepower at 13,000 rpm, and 64 pound-feet of torque at 10,100 rpm. There are some minor updates to the internals, but nothing too exciting performance-wise. It’s Euro5-friendly, the first MV Agusta to be updated to the new emissions standard. There’s a six-axis IMU and an updated electronics package (wheelie and launch control integrated). There’s also a ECU specific to this bike’s race package (that’s right, it ships with some race-only parts, in case you want to do a track day). There’s also a new MV Agusta app that connects to the bike and acts as sort of a telemetry device, recording lean angles, gear and throttle position and other important track data.

MV Agusta also put lots of carbon-fibre bits on the Alpine model (lower fairing, fenders, chain guard, etc.). Of course, that blue paint job shows all in-the-know gearheads that you’ve got a pretty unique machine. There’s fancy-pants stitching on the seat, and the rims show off raw aluminum edges.

The MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine, and its car cousin. Photo: MV Agusta

MV Agusta says it will only make 110 of these bikes. Euro pricing is €36,300; no word yet on North American availability or pricing.

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