If there was ever a perfect name for a certain kind of motorcycles, well, this is probably it. The Italian brand MV Agusta released a new “monster” of its own: a 1000cc naked bike able to blow minds.

The base engine is the same 4 cylinders inline engine of the Brutale 1000RR, but it has been tweaked to deliver an outstanding 212 hp at 13600rpm, with an SC-Project exhaust kit installed. The torque of this machine is something out of racing bikes, reaching an incredible 116.5 Nm force, partly because of its Formula 1 inspired combustion chamber.

To say that this motorcycle will give you an adrenaline rush is an understatement then, considering the specs just listed.

It is purely a machine that makes sense only if you use it on a track, but nowadays we have seen more and more of these wild beasts tamed by all sorts of technology on regular roads.

Boosted by radial valves and titanium connecting rods, the motorcycle is designed to give you drag racing sensations; the rear wheel is completely covered, a design commonly used on dragster bikes.

There are some details though that transcend the pure racing spirit of this machine, such as the cornering lights, embedded in the fully LED powered headlight. There are also 4 riding modes, Sport, Race, Rain and Comfort, suggesting again the possibility to use this motorcycle on your daily commute to work (maybe).

Rush comes with 8 levels of traction control along with an inertia control system, in case you really want to perfect your wheeling and drifting technique.

These features can be tweaked by owners using a smartphone app called MV Ride, which allows riders to customize the bike to their experience level and the type of riding they are doing.

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