Storied Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta is on the move.  According to company owner and CEO Timur Sardarov, his company is in its best financial shape ever.

MV Agusta improving finances

Under Sardarov’s leadership, MV Agusta’s financial condition continues to improve.  Since the Sardarov family became its sole shareholder, it has expended more than €150 million to finance the resurrected brand’s activities.  April’s €30 million capital injection means that the company can exit its agreement with creditors begun in 2016 a year early.

MV Agusta CEO, Timur Sardarov.  Photo credit: MCN

And now, Sardarov is looking towards the future:

“One of my first objectives was to resolve the situation of financial stress that the company was experiencing and to lay the industrial and commercial foundations for its growth.  Today these objectives have been achieved, and we can now look to the future with renewed confidence, comforted by the success our new models are achieving.”

“This capital injection will give an energy boost to our business on all fronts, from design to the development and production of new motorcycles, to providing top-notch service to all of our passionate customers, to expanding our dealers network 3.0.
In 2021, we expect to exceed 100 million euros in turnover,  for the first time in our history, and to triple this figure within the next three years.” – Timur Sardarov to

Short term future

Sardarov continues to focus on the company’s short and long-term future.

“A restyling and re-engineering of our entire range was carried out. We are talking about seven models and nineteen different bikes. We also release eight new bikes this month.” 

Bigger and better than ever

But Sardarov has bigger plans for the Italian marque.

“We have one of the widest ranges of models among mid-sized manufacturers. By 2024, our range is likely to grow by 40%. We will launch two new engines and about twelve new bikes .”  – Timur Sardarov at Adnkronos

So Sardarov is looking to add twelve new motorcycles to the brand’s product lineup.  But they are not the only part of MV Agusta’s planned growth in the near term. Sardarov plans for MV Agusta to move into other powered two-wheeler segments.

This does not include “…bicycles and urban mobility products, the production of which will begin in the next two months. We want to become a transversal mobility company and bridge the gap between light mobility and heavier mobility, offering our customers a complete range ranging from small scooters to 210 horsepower motorcycles.”  – Timur Sardarov at Adnkronos

MV Agusta Art of Mobility

Sardarov has already registered MV Agusta branding with the slogan; “MV Agusta Art of Mobility.”  This branding was submitted in July 2020, recorded in November 2020, and is valid until 2030.  The registration carries a European Intellectual Property Authority classification code of 12 for “vehicles, motorcycles, spare parts for motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, and electric vehicles.”

So it appears that Sardarov and MV Agusta have already laid the groundwork to compete in each of the powered two-wheeler sectors mentioned above.

The resurrection of Cagiva?

Still, these products are not the end of Sardarov’s plan for MV Agusta.  Arguably, the most exciting tidbit is that he may be resurrecting the Cagiva brand.  First off, Sardarov has confirmed that MV Agusta has two new engines in development.

“…a 550 and a 950 . Both projects take 24 to 28 months from now to complete. Perhaps the 550 could arrive first.”

And, rumors continue that the name Elefant may be coming back.  According to Sardarov:

“Cagiva is a brand that belongs to MV Agusta. Our marketing department is evaluating the possibilities of products with the Cagiva brand, and we are also considering whether to define Elefant as a sub-brand of MV Agusta or as Cagiva Elefant. The decision has not yet been made.”

Elefant coming?

The Cagiva Elefant came in 125cc, 200cc, 350cc, 650cc, 750cc and 900cc variants.  The two smallest bikes came with two-stroke powerplants, while the larger versions ran with four-stroke engines.

With a 550cc engine in the works, a mid-sized 500-size travel enduro could be the middleweight adventure bike many people want.  However, with speed and power the current mark of MV Agusta’s machines, it could also be that the larger engine is for use in a maxi-enduro like the Elefants used in the Dakars.

Nothing about the return of the Cagiva brand is for sure.  But one thing is.  It’s that Timur Sardarov has big plans for MV Agusta.  And he’s looking to the future to make MV Agusta more than a niche motorcycle company.

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