MV Agusta is in the middle of bringing new superbike platforms to market, but while we wait for that, we get updated versions of the Brutale RR and Dragster RR 800 models.

The Brutale RR and Dragster RR are very similar machines from a mechanical standpoint. They’re based around the same 800cc three-cylinder engine, and the same chassis.

For 2021 (or is it 2022?), MV Agusta has updated that triple. It still has a counter-rotating crankshaft, it’s still 800cc, but the top end has some extra trickery packed in. Sintered valves now come standard, and the valve tappets have DLC (Diamond Like Coating) that reduces internal friction. This is a big thing with some of the Euro manufacturers these days, and it should make the engines more efficient.

MV Agusta continues to offer its semi-auto Smart Clutch System as an option on the 800 engines.

The updated MV Agusta Dragster RR. Photo: MV Agusta

Another exotic update is new micro-bored bearings in the crank, connecting rods and bottom end that supposedly lessen the load on the engine’s internal oiling system. There’s a new exhaust system, too. And, MV Agusta installed a new ABS module from Continental, and overhauled the electronics system. There’s a new IMU now, something these machines didn’t have before, which allows a wheelie control system, cornering ABS, cornering lights and other updates. There’s a new 5.5-inch TFT dashboard as well.

Thanks to all these changes, the updated three-cylinder engine now meets Euro5 emissions specs.

MV Agusta also updated the frame, with increased stiffness thanks to stronger frame plates on the side of the bike. The suspension has new settings, and there’s a new shock linkage as well, along with a new adjustable steering damper. The seat gets new foam. And the Dragster has a new option for rubber. The fat rear tire that’s specific to the bike, a Pirelli Rossi III, gets a new profile that’s more rounded, for better handling.

MV Agusta’s presence in North America has been extremely dialed-back in the past few years, as the company navigates its tricky financial situation. Nevertheless, we’d expect these bikes to show up eventually, but it would be silly to speculate as to cost and availability.

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