DR650 vs Bosnia Rally? Hell yes. It took me hours just to get through all the video footage I’ve got on my Sena and phone, and condensing it to four minutes was no easy task. It hardly does the Bosnia Rally justice: we experienced Mongolia-like steppes, tranquil farmlands, wild horses galloping across the tracks, technical riverbeds, steep rocky hillclimbs, stunning mountain views, the beautiful city of Mostar, the turquoise-blue lakes and rivers, the creepy abandoned jet-fighter hangar, ski slopes, little villages, green rolling hills and so much more. I was in awe of how diverse Bosnian countryside was, and how each day, the bivouac did not move but we would still ride a variety of completely different tracks. The rally wasn’t without mishaps – some riders wandered off across the Croatian border with no ID’s on them, several participants had painful offs, there were bike breakdowns and nasty falls, but in the end, everyone made it back safely. It’s amazing to be flying across the wide open countryside testing yourself and your bike to the limit but knowing, at the same time, that there was backup and support available in case of a fall or a breakdown. Add bivouac camaraderie, incredible Bosnian hospitality, great food, and strong sljivovica – Bosnian plum moonshine – and the event quickly became a highlight for me for this year.

Huge thanks to Stefan Rosner, organizer of the rally, as well as the ever-smiling rally medical team, the tireless mechanics, the rally photographers, and the people of Kupres for making this rally so impressive. And last but not least, big hugs to Gabriella, Lieven, and Nick, the three rally maniacs who made it unforgettable.

featured Image: @ReiniWenzel

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