Is your bike due for a valve adjustment? Maybe, maybe not. Do you remember the last time you did an oil change? Errrr, it was at the start of this year, wasn’t it? …

If you’re not great at keeping moto maintenance records, Ducati’s updated its app to help with that task. The MyDucati app now keeps track of your bike’s maintenance records from 2019-on, as long as you had it serviced by a Ducati dealer.

The MyDucati app comes for iOS and Android devices, and doesn’t cost anything to download (Ducati charges you for the bike and the service work, but at least the app is free …).

The just-added Maintenance section of the app will keep track of the service records of all Ducati motorcycles you’ve got linked to the app. The app will also notify the rider of upcoming required maintenance, so they don’t get surprised when they’re suddenly in need of an oil change mid-trip. Presumably it should keep track of recall notices as well.

Of course, the app does plenty of other stuff as well. There’s a dealer locator function, and an option for custom-configuring a Ducati with factory accessories, making it easier to order exactly what you want from a dealer. There’s also a News section, allowing Ducati to push its factory propaganda directly to riders (“Buy more Ovaltine Scramblers“). There’s also interaction capability with Ducati riding clubs, and notifications of upcoming Ducati gatherings. Not really a big feature in the Namibian outback, probably, but maybe if you were riding in Italy …

Ducati’s website features the app here, with links to download for either iOS or Android users.

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