Multiple outlets are reporting that Royal Enfield will roll out a new motorcycle by the end of April.  Codenamed J1D, not much else is known about the new machine.

Some outlets think the bike could be a smaller 250cc engined version of the brand’s successful Himalayan model.  Others think that the new bike will be a new 350cc model.

Sparking the 350cc model conversation is the appearance of several test mules.  One of those mules is a new Royal Enfield motorcycle that will take the Meteor brand.  The Meteor will likely become Royal Enfield’s replacement for the Thunderbird 350.

Royal Enfield’s ability to keep the new machine under wraps is laudable.   Creating and maintaining buzz and anticipation around a new machine can only help.

The only certainty surrounding the J1D are the names that Royal Enfield has trademarked for potential new machines.  Recently, Royal Enfield filed trademark registrations for names like Hunter, Sherpa, Flying Flea, and Roadster.

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Some think that Royal Enfield’s J1D could be a 250cc engined version of the Himalayan. Photo credit: Royal Enfield

J1D Entirely new model?

Some think that Royal Enfield may have a curveball in its motorcycle lineup.  Probably more of a hope than a real possibility, some think that the new bike could potentially be a new machine with the company’s very popular 650cc twin engine.

If the J1D is an entirely new model, it would seem to fit what Royal Enfield’s CEO Vinod Dasari’s new growth plan called Royal Enfield 2.0.  The first two tenents of that plan calls for the company to

  1. expand the brand’s product range; and
  2. expand its global reach.

A completely new machine would definitely expand the brand’s product range while a larger-engined machine could enhance the company’s global reach.  For example, Royal Enfield’s new INT650 and Continental GT have been the firm’s best selling export product.

Whatever the new machine is, we’ll have to wait until at least April to see what Royal Enfield has up its sleeve.  With the COVID-19 pandemic blossoming, there’s a very good chance that the bike’s rollout will be delayed.

We’ll have more as soon as it becomes available.


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