Not too long ago, we posted a crossword puzzle that asked you to name motorcycle models.  Like the previous one, this crossword puzzle has a bit of a twist.

Not only do we give you the definition of the model name, but we also give you the name of at least one manufacturer (and sometimes two manufacturers) that produced a model with that name.  So if you think you know the model name by the clue but the manufacturer is different than you think, that may be OK.

This time around, I’ve added a few lesser-known manufacturers to the clues.  That might make it a bit harder for you to determine the correct answer.  Still, I think you’ll enjoy this puzzle and possibly learn about a few new model names.

When you are done, scroll all the way down to see the correct answers.  Then let everyone know if you thought the quiz was easy, hard, or somewhere in between.  Good luck and enjoy!


































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