The National Motorcyclist Council has only been in business a few weeks, but it’s already working on making riders’ lives better. Already, it’s in talks with the UK government to create new policies aimed at motorcycles and scooters. There’s a wide agenda to discuss, but green lanes are one of the most interesting things up for consideration.

What’s the National Motorcyclist Council?

The National Motorcyclist Council is made up from representatives of British moto organizations, including street riders and dirt bikers (Auto Cycle Union, British Motorcyclists Federation, IAM RoadSmart, the Motorcycle Action Group and the Trail Riders Fellowship). Together, these groups represent about 100,000 riders. According to the Council’s website, the reps work together “on commonly held positions about issues where motorcyclists seek to change or influence government policy.” The Council also researches issues “to both inform campaigning and support the individual work of its members.”

Basically, it’s motorcyclists working together to solve their common problems. You can find more about the group here.

What are they working on?

The National Motorcyclist Council is working to cooperate with the UK government to develop a new Government Motorcycle Strategy. They want to look at these questions:

  1. Motorcycling within government transport policy, plus policy advocacy
  2. Improvements to Safety and training policy
  3. Access to bus lanes and other priority measures
  4. Full consideration of motorcycling as environmental challenges and  opportunities evolve
  5. Incentivisation for motorcycling, both for people to ride and also for safety
  6. Accessibility to a full road network designed to keep motorcyclists safe
  7. An effective response to motorcycle theft and crime
  8. A positive policy for use of rural green roads and for motorcycle use in rural communities
  9. Changes to Gvmt regulation as it relates to motorcycle sport, plus realising the social and economic potential of the sport
  10. Consideration of motorcyclists needs in areas of the statutory regulation of traffic on both sealed and green roads

Looking at the list, there’s plenty of sensible stuff here. However, from an ADV standpoint, the last line is most interesting. In the UK, green laning has been under threat for years. Green lanes (see Wikipedia’s explanation here) are one of the easiest ways for UK riders to get off-pavement with their bikes, but hikers, farmers and other fans of peace and quiet are getting them banned—even though many of these green lanes have been legal roadways for centuries. If the National Motorcycle Council can improve access, it’s good news for British adventure riders.

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