When I think about Nelson Rigg, I think about bike covers and motorcycle luggage.  When it came to dry bags, Nelson Rigg never came to mind.  Apparently, I have not been keeping up and Nelson Rigg does indeed manufacture dry bags.  Since December of last year in fact.

Nelson Rigg 40 and 20-liter dry packs.

Like many, I have been using dry bags for a long time.  To me, they are indispensable and an absolute must have.  Packed either on the bike or inside luggage, they are the best way to ensure your stuff stays dry. Usually, I put stuff in, close the bag, crawl all over it like a giant bug and attempt to squish the air out to make the bag as tidy as possible.  Then I put the bag onto the back  (either seat or tail rack) using straps or a bungee net.

Two included straps let you secure the pack to your bike.

While at AIM Expo, I had a chance to check out Nelson Rigg’s dry bags and liked what I saw.  I have been using roll type duffel dry bags, and the Nelson Rigg bags had several features that the bags I have been using do not.

First off, the dry bag is also a backpack.  That’s nice when you just want to get your gear off the bike and carry it somewhere.  The bags I am using have a carrying handle, but carrying the bag on your back frees your hands for other tasks.  The backpack straps feel are wide and are padded.

Wide padded adjustable straps help with comfort.


The back of the pack is padded as well with bolsters that let air flow underneath when used as a backpack.

Made from 24 ounces, electronically welded tarpaulin PVC, there are no sewn seams to let water in.  One thing I liked was the top-mounted purge valve.  Give it a quarter turn, squeeze and it allows air to escape.  Once done, you close the valve and outside air is sealed out.

Top mounted quarter turn vent helps with removing air from the pack.

The outside of the bag has a Molle system with multiple loops and an additional Molle panel.  The panel contains two waterproof pockets.  One side has a clear waterproof pocket which can be used as a map case and hold your phone.  On the other side is a waterproof pocket for those items you don’t need to see.

Molle panel has two waterproof pockets, one of which is clear.

This panel can also be used to hold items that you want quick access to.  For example, you can insert a hydration bladder underneath it or hold a jacket or shirt that you may need.  There are also two large side pockets that are large enough to hold standard 30-ounce fuel bottles.

The dry pack can hold a hydration bladder.

Two sides mounted storage pockets allow you to carry two standard 30-ounce fuel cans.

Two straps are included for securing the dry bag packs to the back of your bike.

The bags come in both 40 and 20-liter sizes.  Retail price for the 20-liter size is $119.95 while the 40 liter goes for $139.95.

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