Netflix has picked up a new made-in-the-UK motorcycle racing documentary, titled Speed Is My Need.

Directed by Mark Sloper, the movie is focused on superbike racing, with interviews with legends like Freddie Spencer, Ron Haslam, Peter Hickman and Colin Edwards. A good chunk of the film is concerned with Leon Haslam’s pursuit of the British Superbike title in 2018, but there’s plenty of other footage as well. The trailer (you can see it above) is filled with crashes galore, and it seems the filmmakers very much want to play up the danger of high-speed motorcycle racing.

It’s 74 minutes long, and while it’s on Netflix now, there’s no guarantee it will be there for long, so if you have a mind to watch it, now’s the time.

But is it worth watching? It’s true that, for the offroad enthusiast, roadracing might seem like it has little appeal at first.

However, the film is more than just highlight reels of plastic-clad crotch rockets cartwheeling down the tarmac. At least, according to its description on YouTube, where the marketeers say “Speed is My Need strips bare the euphoria of speed on two wheels … Speed is My Need uncovers how sports psychologists and surgical experts across Europe are helping racers to rebuild their minds and bodies in order to race on the edge of oblivion. With access to heroic racing footage, Speed is My Need is a pulsating, edge of the seat ride into the strategic minds and courageous hearts of these two-wheeled gladiators.

So, you’re getting a psychological view of what makes motorcycle racers do what they do? Now, that’s applicable no matter what kind of bike you ride.

Having said that, the film itself may be total crap, as we haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Reviews are mixed, so maybe the best thing is to watch it for yourself, and if you can’t last past the first 10 minutes, so be it …

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