You now have an opportunity you don’t get every day.  If you have a soft spot for “classic” Norton motorcycles and always wanted one, here’s your chance.  According to autoevolution, a 1977 Norton Commando 850 Interstate will soon be auctioned by H&H Classics, and the bike’s history will likely be a key attribute when it hits the auction block.

A 43-year-old Norton Commando still in its original crate

You see, although the bike is already 43 years old, it is still in its original crate and has its original packaging.  Interestingly, the bike has also had three different owners.

The machine was originally delivered in 1977.  Ultimately, the bike had owners in Belgium, Holland, and Spain.  It was in Spain that the current owner Kevin Maddocks found the uncrated Norton.

Norton Commando Interstate

Norton Commando Interstate

This unpacked and uncrated 1977 Norton Commando Interstate will soon be auctioned.

According to Maddocks, the Spanish buyer is a collector.  The collector specifically bought the Norton because the machine had never been uncrated.  Because of its condition, the Spanish collector did not intend to sell the bike.  In fact, he kept it in storage along with 97 other motorcycles he owned.

Soft spot for Nortons

Like the Spanish collector, Maddocks has a soft spot for Norton Motorcycles.  So when he found out about this bike’s existence, he contacted the owner and somehow was able to convince the Spanish collector to sell the bike to him.

Maddock did not plan to sell the bike quickly.  But unfortunately, the effects of 2020 have resulted in a change of plans.  Maddocks is quoted as saying:

“My intention was to display her this year at many of the big bike shows and lend her to museums from time to time.”

But Maddocks now plans to move to Spain.  The bike is in the UK, and he doesn’t think he could carry out his original plans for the crated machine.

“Since owning her I have never really touched her – she would look even better if I could give it a spring clean but to do it properly, I’d have to remove her from the packing case.  Everything is there; three sets of keys, manufacturer’s advice sheets for the dealer, owners manual, service book, plus even a small spray can of Norton chain lube!” 

So if you’d like a chance to own a sold as brand new 1977 Norton Commando Interstate, now’s your chance.  The bike will hit the auction block on November 14th at England’s National Motorcycle Museum.  Estimates call for the machine to earn a final bid of between £20,000 to £30,000 (~$25,850 to $38,800).


All photo credit: autoevolution








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