Sena just beefed up its line of helmet communicators again, releasing the 3S Plus Boom and 3S Plus Universal headsets. Both are priced at a reasonable $99 in the US market.

These are very similar to Sena’s old 3S series, but with new features and longer range. Both the new Boom and Universal models have two-button interface instead of a jog dial, which Sena uses on many of its other headsets.

The Sena 3S Plus Boom is designed to attach to jet helmets and other open-face designs, jet helmet. The comm’s two control buttons are on the microphone itself; obviously, with a full face design, the rider would be unable to use those buttons, as they’d be inside the helmet.

The 3S Plus Universal comm system doesn’t have that issue, as its two control buttons are on the comm unit itself. This means you can slap it onto any style of helmet you want, and Sena ships it with a boom mic and a wired mic, which also aids its adaptability.

Both of the new 3S Plus headsets allow two-way HD intercom capability at a 400-meter range (roughly a quarter mile). That’s less than some other headsets, but in reality, probably enough for most rider-to-rider communication, and certainly enough for rider-to-pillion communication. Both headsets also have Sena’s Advanced Noise Control system, filtering out background noise. Of course, both headsets have Bluetooth connection options for smartphones, which allows riders to answer phone calls, stream music for stereo playback, or listen to GPS direction.

The press release doesn’t say whether these headsets are compatible with Sena’s line of other comm sets. If they are, then $99 is a cheap buy-in that could let you chat with your friends very affordable. The “two-way” description hints they won’t do that, but even if they don’t, it’s possible a future firmware update may change that.

Sena plans to sell the new intercoms through the usual network of motorcycle dealers, as well as its website, and plans to have them available soon on Amazon. Find more specs on the 3S Plus Boom and 3S Plus Universal at Sena’s website.

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