Nelson-Rigg just added another pair of useful ADV accessories to its lineup—a tool roll and an exhaust shield.

The new Rigg Gear Exhaust Heat Shield is nothing flashy, just a strap-on spacer that fits on your motorcycle muffler to keep soft luggage or your plastic side panels from touching, and melting or burning. Riders have been jury-rigging crushed aluminum pop cans into this role for years, which is perfectly functional until it falls out along the trail because it’s tough to secure properly. Also, it looks a bit hobo-ish. Most companies that offer soft luggage offer a tidy heat shield that attaches with a long hose clamp, and this is the Nelson-Rigg solution for those too fussy or tidy or lazy to do it the ghetto way. See it at the Nelson-Rigg website for $24.95.

Then, there’s the Trail’s End Tool Roll. Again, this is something you can jury-rig yourself, or even pick up a cheap Chinese-made solution from Harbor Freight or Princess Auto (depending which side of the 54-40 line you’re living on). However, having had a properly made moto tool roll for several years (from a Rigg competitor), I will say that a purpose-built roll is much more pleasant to use in the long run. It costs $39.95 at the Nelson-Rigg website; you can see it demoed below, as part of the demo for the Trail’s End Tool Bag set. The whole Tool Bag kit includes the Tool Roll, and is intended for UTV usage. No doubt some clever ADVers will see other potential uses for the product, so I’ve included the video of the whole set below.

Nelson-Rigg also has new Road Trip Saddlebags this year (intended for the cruiser market, at $249.99) and Commuter Tank Bag (priced at $104.95-$124.95).

With the addition of the new tool roll and heat shield, the Rigg Gear line continues to expand, with gear aimed at both the enduro/dual sport scene and the ADV scene. Check it out here.

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