Luggage for ADV bikes is a hotly-contested topic. Hard luggage is lockable and more waterproof than soft luggage, can act as a frame slider, and holds a lot of stuff. Soft bags are less likely to break your leg if the bike falls on you.

Two new soft luggage options have hit the market, and one of them removes your hard vs. soft luggage problem. Enduristan has introduced new bags for bikes with or without existing pannier racks. Instead of choosing between soft or hard luggage for the life of the bike, you can pull those hard cases off and pop this new soft luggage on your bike without removing the racks. If you don’t have hard luggage racks but want some waterproof carrying capacity they’ve got you covered there, too.

Instead of sewn seams, they’re RF-welded together. Basically, they assemble the seams by fusing them like a good modern drybag. That means the bags are strong and waterproof. Enduristan claims they’re “100% Water, Dust, Mud and Snow Proof.”

Blizzard Saddlebags

The new Blizzard soft bags do not require an existing luggage rack, so when you want a fully unladen dirt bike you can pop the luggage off to go hooning in the mud. Enduristan sells them as a set of two fully fore-aft adjustable ad well as width-adjustable saddlebags, to fit even the thinnest-seat enduro bike.

They come in four sizes: 12L, 17L, 24L and 34L, and the prices range from $299.99 to $399.99, for the set of saddlebags.

Monsoon EVO Bags

The Monsoon EVO soft luggage hangs right on your existing pannier racks for your dirt-biased ADV trip. When you’re home from that and need to travel on a long, road-biased trip, pull the Monsoon off and pop your locking hard cases back on.

Enduristan sells the Monsoon case singly, and each fits either side of the bike. The bags feature plastic clamps along the bottom which fit onto an 18mm-diameter tubular luggage rack. I was wondering, so I measured my Givi and SWMotech racks. Mine are both right around 16mm but the racks are not tubular, they’re oblong. Will the Monsoon fit? I’d have to try it out.

Watch the video – they’re pretty impressive looking. Enduristan charges $419.99 for the small (24L) bags and $449.99 for the large (34L) size, each. You’ll need to buy two if you want to run them as saddlebags.

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