It’s a slow process, but the aftermarket is continuing to adapt to the latest version of the Honda CB500X adventure bike, with National Cycle just announcing a new series of windshields for the machine.

When Honda debuted the original version of the CB500X for 2013, it was held back by a too-small 17-inch front wheel and too-wimpy suspension. The bike had obvious potential, though, so the aftermarket stepped up and brought out shocks, extended forks, spoked wheels and a whole raft of other farkles. The CB500X wasn’t a bike for everyone, but it got the job done for many sensible ADVers.

For 2019, Honda updated the bike and basically just did what the aftermarket had been doing: added a bigger 19-inch front wheel and better suspension. A tough break for all the companies who’d developed parts to improve the little half-litre bike, but at least there’s still other opportunities to upgrade the cycle, like National Cycle is doing.

National Cycle’s VStream windshields are designed to bolt in the place of the stock windscreen assembly, using stock hardware. There are three sizes: 42.5 cm x 31.4 cm, 48.9 cm x 34.3 cm and 55.2 cm x 38.1 cm. The smallest windscreen is available in a dark smoke tint or medium tint; the middle-sized windscreen is a lighter tint, and the largest windscreen is clear. Pricing is $121.95, $133.95 and $139.95 US respectively. The windshields are made of polycarbonate, 3 mm thick. Supposedly, the new units make for less wind noise and turbulence than stock units, although this is somewhat subjective, depending on the rider’s size and seating position.

The windshields come with a three-year warranty. For more details, including installation instructions, you can check out National Cycle’s website.

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