INTERMOT wasn’t just about motorcycle unveilings, although there certainly were a lot of those.

AGV, the Italian helmet manufacturer, also announced the successor to the AX-8 dual sport helmet, the AX-9. It comes with a slew of improvements over the old model. Also, for the foreseeable future, AGV say the AX-9 will only be available in the United States.

AGV AX-9 helmet — photo courtesy of AGV

As with its successor, the AX-9 is designed to be ridden both off- and on-road. To facilitate that, they make it easy to adapt it four different ways: peak with visor; no peak but with visor; peak and goggles; no peak and goggles.

Although it has four modes, AGV say the AX-9 does allow you to ride with goggles all the time, if you wish. The peak is now adjustable to sail less (and maybe make less noise and vibration?) at highway speeds.

AGV AX-9 helmet — photo courtesy of AGV

The helmet’s made out of a mix of aramid (a synthetic polymer that is strong and temperature resistant), carbon, and glass fibre. The idea was to reduce the weight while keeping the strength. The result is a lid that weights 3.1 lbs (1.445 kgs.)

The interior is made with moisture-wicking cheekpads and liner. There are special inserts for people who wear glasses. There are also speaker pockets. The neckroll is water resistant.

AGV AX-9 helmet — photo courtesy of AGV

The panoramic visor reportedly has a MAX Pinlock system, which is intended to give you edge-to-edge fogging suppression. It also has a micro visor opening system (sounds like a way to crack the visor open) to improve airflow in hot weather. In all the AX-9 has five other vents — adjustable chin-vent, two brow inlets and two extractors.

Like all dual sports helmets — actually, like any jack-of-all-trades in life — there are compromises. Maybe on the road it’s noisier than a standard road helmet. Maybe in the winter all that airflow makes it colder. But if you’re looking for one helmet that does it all, AGV offers the AX-9 as their latest technology.

The AX-9 can be pre-ordered now. The retail price is $499.95. Let’s call that an even $500.

AGV AX-9 helmet — photo courtesy of AGV

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