Are you already looking for replacement rubber for your Honda CT125? Michelin might have what you want, with the new Anakee Street tires … except it’s unclear where, exactly, Michelin is selling these tires.

New Michelin Anakee Street

The new Michelin Anakee Street tires come in 13-inch, 14-inch and 17-inch sizes. Those are bigger than the wheels you’d find on many traditionally-designed scooters, and you won’t fit them to your old-school Honda Ruckus without some modifications (not that that would deter the bolder Ruckus owners!).

Looking at the tires, they have a knobby tread pattern, although it’s still obviously biased towards street riding, not hardcore dirt use. Michelin says the pattern is derived from offroad racing. Errrr, presumably not the Dakar, although there is a long history of flogging Vespas at inappropriate rallies and other dirt events. The tread pattern does look very similar to some classic dual sport motorcycle tires.

Michelin seems to see this as an all-round tire, capable of recreational riding as well as touring and all-weather commuting (those V-shaped grooves are supposedly designed to shed water). With low-powered scooter applications, you’d think tire life would be decent as well, unless Michelin used a soft and sticky compound for more dirt traction.

The original Michelin press release came from the company’s Japanese office, which makes sense. Adventure-style scooters have especially become popular in Asia, although Euros are hip to the idea as well. North Americans, well, there are some who love the idea, and some who do not. So, maybe we’ll see the tires become available in other markets, but there might be a wait as the new Michelins work their way through the global moto supply chain (which is still a mess, in case your dealer hasn’t told you …).

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