Even though the coronavirus pandemic is interfering with motorcycling touring, Bridgestone is pushing out two new sport-touring tires. For 2021, we’re getting the new Bridgestone Battlax T32 and T32GT.

What are we getting here? The Battlax line have been well-known, competent sport-touring tires for years now, at reasonable prices. According to Bridgestone’s press release, “Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) is announcing a new benchmark in motorcycle’s sport touring category: the new Battlax Sport Touring T32 tire. The T32 tire, alongside the dedicated T32GT tire line for middleweight and heavy motorcycles, brings together everything the sport touring category needs in terms of performance, confidence and contact feel in all weather conditions.

In other words, these tires are supposed to be all-rounders aimed improved performance. Later, the presser says the T32 tire has a 7 percent shorter braking distance in wet conditions, and has a 13 percent larger contact patch on the rear tire than its predecessor. Bridgestone says its “Pulse Groove Technology” is the key to this enhanced performance. Supposedly, Pulse Groove Technology “combines pulse-shaped grooves with small center deflectors to equalize waterflow in comparison with a straight groove to optimize the waterflow’s speed. This in turn helps improve water channeling and drainage across the tire, which enhances grip and adhesion and reduces the tire’s slip ratio in wet conditions.” See it in the YouTube clip below!

The new T32GT sub-line is aimed specifically at middle-weight and heavy motorcycles, with 10 percent increase in wear life over its predecessor. Both the standard T32 and T32GT are supposed to debut in early 2021; see more deets at the Bridgestone website.

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