Back in June, we told you about the BSA brand making a comeback.  The previously British brand will transition to Indian ownership via Mahindra and its subsidiary, Classic Legends.   Classic Legends has already brought back the Jawa brand and is working on resurrecting Yedzi.

And, it’s now looking like their product development with the BSA brand is well underway.   According to Thrust Zone, spy shots show the new BSA in black and white camouflage.  And they claim multiple sources say the bike is a new BSA model.  They also say that the pictured machine is an upcoming “Jawa-BSA” single-cylinder motorcycle for world markets.  So whether it is a Jawa or BSA isn’t all that clear.

Using the spy shots, Thrust Zone points out several observations about the machine:

“The side panel, large fuel tank, and seat design look very retro as it sits very low thanks to a very low suspension height. The handlebar is also something we have seen on the Bonneville range. The front and rear wheel size are different with the front being bigger. The spoke wheel and Pirelli pattern tires seen here are typical modern-retro motorcycle materials. There are disc brakes on both ends, the chain drive is on the other side too. The forks have gators on them and the rear shock is simple and is adjustable. LED lights are seen on the tail-lamp, the front could have the same too.”

As for the liquid-cooled 650cc single-cylinder engine, Thrust Zone thinks that the engine will produce about 45-50 hp and 25 – 30 lb-ft of torque.

Surprisingly, the bike will allegedly be manufactured in the UK, not India.  That’s a bit odd considering that the labor costs are substantially lower in the latter.  However, as an originally British brand, Classic Legends is apparently trying to keep the British provenance real.

Ultimately, the website projects a late 2022 or early 2023 product release.  And if that’s the case, we’ll have another resurrected brand to choose from in the not too distant future.



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