Cleveland Cyclewerks is a small company some of you may have read about based in Ohio, making a few different models, all gasoline-powered (ICE), but now are releasing an electric motorcycle (EV). They will tell you upfront what they like to do¬† –


They have recently been working on a model called “The Falcon”, an Electric Motorcycle and it is now ready for release, with a starting price as low as $7445 if you get in on the early discounts they are offering. Regular price starting at $7995

All design is in house, it has taken on a lot of iterations but now is ready for riders, in the beginning, the designs and ideas…

Then with various partnerships to bring the best technology to market, this week the final finished article was released

The Falcon is made as a 50 state legal urban motorcycle, but it also has a range of up to 180 miles (BLK edition, with dual battery system)

The biggest complaints riders appear to have about electric motorcycles, are price and charging time.

As noted above the starting price is very reasonable for the technology involved, but the charging time is incredible compared to the competition.

How incredible?

80% charge in 45 minutes and a full charge in 1 1/2 hours

The Falcon weighs in at 150lbs/ 68kg. Depending on the model can have a top speed in excess of 85 mph, and a seat height of 30 inches on a very narrow frame so riders from around 5’4″ will be able to flat-foot it.

The chassis set up is made to handle well with a 48″ wheelbase and a 25-degree trail, running on 17-inch wheels front and rear using Michelin Pilot Street tires.

Cleveland Cycleweks did a live broadcast of their release last week on Facebook, that video hs now been transferred to Youtube in a completely unedited state.

Due to the COVID-19, I didn’t have a chance to be there at the unveiling event, but the guys have put out a video to answers a lot of question questions that I and other journalists would have asked about every aspect of the bike, and all of its various components…they give LOADS OF DETAIL

I purposely started the video below at 25.42 – minute mark, as that’s when they got their live feed working well, you, of course, can rewind to see what was said earlier.

Please click this link to see that video on YouTube




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