If you’re looking to rent a motorcycle through EagleRider, the company has just announced a pair of new membership options through Club EagleRider that may be attractive to regular users.

Club EagleRider still has a basic membership for $29 a month that gives riders one rental credit per month, for a 12-month period.  The new premium memberships are considerably more expensive, but also allow for more riding.

Under the new Pick 6 plan, premium members pick a six-month period (say, winter) in which to use their rental credits.  The Pick 6 plan gives riders 10 credits per month. Then, they pay $199 a month for 12 months to have access to those 10 monthly credits in that six-month period. In theory, a rider could pay $2,400 and get a maximum of 72 rentals out of this deal.

There’s also a new Ride 12 plan, which costs $249 a month, but is good for a full 12 months of the year. The riders get access to 12 rental credits per month for those 12 months. In theory, a rider could pay $3,000 and get a maximum of 144 rentals from the Ride 12 plan.

Remember, EagleRider also has insurance and potentially other fees that would be tacked on to those prices.

Brochures at EagleRiders booth lay out the new changes, which could be a big benefit to regular renters. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

The new Club EagleRider plans aren’t available at all EagleRider locations, but they’re available at most. According to Shawn Fechter (VP Global Sales), 138 locations in North America will be working with the new deals (for now, Pick 6 and Ride 12 plans are not available in overseas destinations).

As well, the rental credits do not roll over between months. If you don’t use your 12 credits in January, you start back again from zero in February.

While this is moving away from a more traditional vehicle rental program, it’s the way of the future for EagleRider. “We are committed long-term to membership and subscription,” Fechter says.

And, while EagleRider has long been typified as a place you rent Big Twins, that’s changing. Fechter says there’s been a push on in recent months to get other bikes in the lineup (indeed, the EagleRider booth at IMS has a big photo of Quinn Cody with a KTM 790 Adventure). EagleRider has just put together a deal with Honda that will see the new Africa Twin available at some locations, as well as other machines from Big Red.

The Club EagleRider plans come with other perks, like discounts on rentals outside your 12 monthly credits. For more deets, visit EagleRider’s website. EagleRider calls itself the world’s largest motorcycle rental company, with machines available all over the globe.

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