This is, in fact, the most adorable thing I’ve seen all day.

Last year around this same time Indian Motorcycles introduced the eFTR Jr, an electric mini bike, styled after the FTR, for kids. It’s cute! This one’s even cuter, and smaller, to get your mini-me started even sooner. Hey, now’s the time; the holidays are coming up fast!

If that promo doesn’t, as the youths say these days, “hit you right in the feels,” maybe you need to be around more kids and motorcycles.

You cannot ignore the blatant “this bike is perfect for my daughter” female-positive messaging here, too. I love it. Indian’s marketing team is spot on. Get kids hooked early, teach little girls they can ride just like their brothers, and you’ll have so many lifelong committed riders with brand nostalgia.

Electric dirt bikes will bring a whole new generation of riders into the sport. The barrier for entry is so much lower than it used to be. Electric bikes are easier to maintain than their ICE counterparts. They’re quiet and neighborhood-friendly.

Just like its older brother, the eFTR Mini has a rear monoshock and front forks. The 18.4 inch seat height is very approachable for its design target of kids 8 and older, with an upper weight limit rating of 140lb. There are no real battery specifications other than a vauge “long-range” label, but it does have “high” (14mph) and “low” (10mph) top speed settings. There is no front brake, only a cable-actuated rear.

The price for the Mini is currently $499 USD. Does your kid, or your niece or nephew, already want to ride on your bike? Do you have a big yard they can ride circles in? It’s October already, folks…

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