Garmin’s brought out its new zumo XT GPS system, with features that are ADV-friendly.

GPS experts should already be familiar with the “find twistiest roads” option that some GPS companies already include, which uses algorithms to figure out what the best motorcycle roads are, if you want to hit some corners. The new zumo XT has a different take on this idea, providing”Garmin Adventurous Routing” options, which incorporate 4×4 trails, public land boundaries and other similar information to help you find proper adventure riding opportunities.

The new Garmin comes with a 5.5-inch screen ($499). It’s a touchscreen display, with HD graphics, and it’s bright enough to be used on sunny days with no issues, supposedly. It’s rain-resistant and shockproof, and riders can mount it in horizontal or landscape configurations.

The XT comes with built-in topo maps, and a database of notable historical sites, a US National Park director, TripAdvisor ratings for business, iOverland points of interest, a campground directory, and other similar content. You won’t need to haul out your smartphone to check Google, with that much information on tap. You can also store MP3s on the XT, and use it to stream to your helmet comms, It’ll allow you to coordinate hands-free calling as well, and if you pair it to your phone, you can access live weather and traffic updates, gas pricing, and other useful on-the-road information.

But wait, there’s more! The zumo XT can also be linked to a Garmin inReach satellite communicator, so you can use it for two-way texting, critical location sharing, and interactive SOS. And, you can connect it to a wifi network for direct map downloads, instead of a clumsy through-the-computer interface. Riders can also direct-download satellite imagery, with no plan required.

Of course, the zumo XT will have much of the usual functionality you’d expect: spoken turn-by-turn street navigation, track saving, and red light camera/speed camera warnings in some jurisdictions. Battery life is 3.5 to six hours, depending how bright you’re running it. You can also hardwire the XT to your bike’s electrical system. The new GPS can be purchased on Amazon.

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