GoPro continues to advance its action camera lineup, introducing the new Hero9 Black with specs that would have appeared straight out of sci-fi only few years back.

The Hero9 Black can shoot 5k/30 fps video, with 8x slo-mo and 4k/60 fps capacity, and 20 mp still photos. Frankly, 5k30 is almost silly, as it wasn’t that long ago people were saying that 4k video was about the highest resolution the human eye could take advantage of, and everything else was just going to be wasted capability. Is there truth to that? I’m no videographer, but I do know that 5k/30 is likely going to require very powerful hardware, if you want to start properly editing videos and taking advantage of the high-res footage. Of course, there’ll likely be some sort of mobile-friendly editing tool that will be what most people use, as that’s where the action camera market is.

There’s a 2.27-inch screen on the back of the camera now, and a 1.4-inch screen on front. That might sound like a bit of a silly feature, but it allows for shot composition while the user is in selfie mode, same as the selfie camera on your smartphone.

The camera uses GoPro’s new HyperSmooth 3.0 image stabilization system. This is supposed to be a big improvement on GoPro’s previous software-based image stabilization, providing an auto-leveling feature that always keeps the horizon straight. For horizontally-challenged photographers, this is a pretty useful feature.

Battery life is supposedly improved 30 percent over the previous Black model, and there’s a new feature that allows you to run the camera on a loop, pressing record if you want to save the footage of what just happened (useful for moto users, who don’t want to filter through hours of boring footage to get a few seconds of cool scenery). The standard lens is removable, and you can slot a wide-angle lens in there; you can also add an external mic and viewing screen, and of course there is an extensive selection of accessories. There’s also a deal on GoPro’s subscription services, including cloud storage, and a livestream function, too. GoPro includes a 32GB SD card with the camera. Supposedly, it’s waterproof to 33 feet.

Pricing starts at $449 US, which is a lot of money for a toy … but incredibly cheap, when you see how advanced this technology is. GoPro will also give you $100 off if you have a one-year subscription to GoPro, which makes this a much better-looking deal. For more deets, visit GoPro’s website.

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