Achtung! There’s a new adventure tire coming from Heidenau, targeting big bikes headed offroad.

The new K60 Ranger tires are fairly chunky-looking, entering the “big block” tire segment. Apparently, they were released through some sort of collaboration through Enduro Action Team, a German training school for offroad riding.

That should give you a hint as to the intended application for these tires. If there’s any more doubt, just watch the video above, for lots of footage of big ADV machines whipping around in the dirt. Lots and lots and lots of footage of big ADV machines being flogged offroad  …

Heidenau doesn’t actually list the Rangers on its English-language website yet, just standard K60 and K60 Scout tires. So, thanks to a lack of info there, we’re forced to turn to the German site. Here’s what we get from Google Translate:

When will you develop the Scout further? When is there a rougher scout? These questions have reached us often enough in recent years and the answer is clear then as it is today: Not at all! The Scout is perfect as it is for its area of ​​application and does not require any adjustment, as the last 10 years have impressively shown.

But we have listened very carefully and are now adding a tire to the side of the K60 Scout whose path goes further than ever before: the K60 Ranger. A tire that is worth standing side by side with the legendary K60 Scout! Made for all adventurers, mud activists and sand lovers, the tire rounds off the K60 family’s product portfolio with regard to off-road use.

An open profile design, The deliberate tread block support in the side area, the offset tread design and the special carcass with a higher dielectric strength are just a few of the specially designed off-road properties of the tire and clearly demonstrate one thing: Recommended use: 30% road / paved paths and 70% terrain

So, de-Google Translating that, here’s what we see. This is made for rougher terrain, for 30 percent tarmac, 70 percent unpaved usage. It is not intended to replace the standard K60 and K60 Scout tires, but augment the lineup, for customers who want more performance in the dirt. The previous K60 models were known for hard compounds that didn’t grip the best in wet, slippery conditions. Perhaps these will be softer and more grippy, along with the added knobbage?

Heidenau says the K60 Rangers should be in the US this winter. Its Facebook page says “Looking like tires on the shelf, January. The way shipping has become.” The supply chain woes hitting the rest of the world are also affecting Heidenau, it seems. We’d expect a price tag before the tires arrive in 2022, but we haven’t seen anything yet …

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