It seems that one of the most fleeting things of all is a secret.  Apparently, Indian Motorcycle’s newest secret is now public.

The internet has been rife with rumors about Indian’s newest upcoming machine.  There were peeks from intellectual property offices from around the world.


First, the discussion surrounded the name of the new machine.  Raven, Raptor, and Challenger were among several names were floated.  But there was nothing official.

Next came spy shots of a slightly disguised new engine in a test mule.  Rumors abounded about the engine and its makeup.  Questions remained about how big it would be and how much power it would make.

Leaked video

But now, we have a significant amount of information.  This time as a result of a leaked video that purportedly came from a dealer show.  A manufacturer’s video being leaked is quite unique.

Often, we’ll see tidbits from a dealer presentation package.  Just a page or two of specs and couple of pictures.  But in the case of Indian’s newest machine, a manufacturer’s video has been leaked.

A dealer the source of a leak?

According to the UK’s MCN, the video was allegedly posted by Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee.  That dealer’s website no longer has any sign of the video.  But the video was apparently caught by a number of outlets before it was deleted.

The video

This is the purported dealer show video.

The fuzzy video names the new model “Challenger”.  It also shows a water-cooled “Powerplus 108” engine.

If the 108 moniker is displacement in cubic inches, Indian has one-upped Harley.  The MoCo’s signature Milwaukee eight displaces one inch less.  Apparently, size is important.

Unconfirmed rumors say that the new engine boasts four-valve heads and makes 120 HP.  The video also shows other little tidbits like upside-down forks, headlight design, a glimpse of the rear of the machine and its front fender.

Is it a significant competitor?

What do you think about Indian’s newest model?  Will it be a serious competitor to Harley-Davidson’s FXDR 114?  Will it have the same pop as Indian’s new FTR model?  Let us know in the comments below.



Featured image credit: Canada Moto Guide

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