Indian continues its mix-and-match games with its lineup, bringing out the blacked-out Vintage Dark Horse and the chromed-up Roadmaster Limited for 2021.

Both these machines are repackaged versions of existing Indian models. The Vintage Dark Horse is basically the same as the Vintage bagger, but with black trim, black paint, black saddlebags … you get the idea. The MSRP is $19,499 in the US, $23,499 in Canada.

Indian Roadmaster Limited. Photo: Indian

As for the Roadmaster Limited, MSRP is $30,749 in the US, $37,249 in Canada. It’s got lots of flashy trim, but at its heart, it’s really just a glammed-up Roadmaster. That’s quite a feat, because the Roadmaster itself is a pretty flash bike, with 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, 200-watt stereo, and so on. Just the sort of thing for riding across the country in comfort, although it seems (judging by the marketeers’ copy we see these days) that the sound system might be viewed as a bit weak to the True Believers in the bagger cult, if you’re planning to flex down at the local coffee shop’s bike night.

Don’t worry, Indian can help with that, too. Indian also announced a whole raft of new accessories for 2021, including semi-rigid saddlebags, heated grips, fairing bag and other add-ons for the Scout line. For their pricier models, Indian’s now got the ClimaCommand Heated & Cooled Seat available for all bikes with the ThunderStroke engine and Apple CarPlay for Roadmaster, Chieftain, and Indian Challenger models (on some bikes, those options are standard). If you’re looking to make more noise, Indian also has the new PowerBand audio system. It’s a speaker upgrade that installs into your motorcycle’s top box. That’s not going to do much for your on-road performance, though. There’s also a new set of LED driving lights, and a new adaptive headlight, which “sees into corners,” same as existing setups available on high-end Euro touring bikes.

Indian’s got new paint and options on most of its lineup, and of course, pricing adjustments. Check it all out at the company’s website.

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