Klim’s busy these days, offering four new or re-designed jackets for its 2021 lineup, including the updated Induction, the new Induction Pro, and the Marrakesh and Avalon women’s jackets.

First up, the Induction. This is one of Klim’s better-known jackets, aimed at the touring market. Klim upgraded the Karbonite Mesh fabric for 2021, to increase its flexibility and comfort. It’s got a CE AA safety rating still. It comes with a $349.99 MSRP, and will be available in Cool Gray, Hi-Vis, Navy and Black.

The Induction Pro has even more airflow than the standard Induction. Photo: Klim

The Induction Pro is similar, but comes with even more airflow, thanks to “more extensive use” of Karbonite Mesh. Klim also included CE Level 2 D3O padding and upped the abrasion resistance in the slide zones. It’s also CE AA-rated, and arrives for 2021 with a $479.99 MSRP. It’s available in Gray Hi-Vis, Red Gray and Cool Gray.

Both of these jackets are aimed at hot, dry riding; if it gets soggy or cold, Klim recommends adding layers for waterproofing or insulation.

Klim’s marketeering says the Marrakesh may be the most comfortable moto jacket on the market. Bold words, indeed! Photo: Klim

As for the Marrakesh and Avalon women’s riding jackets: The Marrakesh is new, and designed along the lines of the Induction. It’s made from Karbonite Micromesh (“very comfortable, flexible stretch nylon material … with an open weave,” says the Klim press release). There’s low-profile, flexible D30 IP Ghost pads, rated for CE Level 1 impact protection capability.

The Avalon jacket gets a re-design for 2021. It has updated Karbonite Mesh like the Induction, to make it more flexible and comfortable. Klim built new stretch panels and a new collar into the jacket as well, and says it still has the durability that the previous Avalon jacket had.

The Avalon jacket gets an overhaul for 2021 as well. Photo: Klim

Both these jackets are also CE AA-rated. The Marrakesh is available in Black, Burnt Olive and Cool Gray, for $369.99. The Avalon is available in Maroon, Cool Gray and Gray Hi-Vis, for $349.99. More details and photos at the Klim website.

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