With the amateur rally racing scene exploding over the last few years, new events are cropping up around the world, and Peru is no exception. This year marks the first edition of Caminos del Colono Rally Raid held in Huanuco, Peru: the three-day race will take riders across the Andes Mountains with 350km of specials and 429km of liaisons, and the organizers promise jaw-dropping scenery and rugged terrain along the way. “We have been working on this Dakar-style motorcycle Rally Raid event for 7 years, and 2021 is the year we’re launching the first edition. The event requires 90 volunteers, 30 organization vehicles, 60 policemen, and 27 ambulance teams, and we know that in a rally race, there’s a lot that can go sideways, which is why we spent so much time preparing”, Toby Shannon, organizer of the event, said. Caminos del Colono Rally Raid is aimed at both local and international riders, and it has several different motorcycle classes as well as a quad and an SSV category. Curiously, Caminos del Colono also offers a Chinese motorcycle class among others: “we want to show that these Chinese bikes, so popular in South America, are up to the task and can be really fun to ride”, Shannon explained.

The rally is a non-profit event aimed to raise funds for the Rotary Club Peru, and the organizers hope to commemorate the history of 19th-century Austrian and German settlers walking across the Andes Mountains in search of a better life. So far, 83 riders have entered the race, and the registration is still open.

Caminos del Colono Rally Raid is taking place on the 26th – 30th of August in Huanuco, Peru. Riders can enter on their own bikes or fly in and rent locally from the event organizers; if you’re looking for a fun two-wheeled holiday in Peru racing a Chinese 250cc burro across the Andes Mountains, this can be the perfect event to attend. If all goes well, I hope to be there myself and check it out thanks to an invitation from the rally organizers: right now, it feels like Caminos del Colono is trying to do too much too soon and in too many directions, but the rally is a brand new event, and it’s always interesting to see races at their very beginnings. Who knows, the Caminos del Colono may grow into something seriously awesome – and in the meantime, the organizers are doing a trial run with a one-day Rally Huanuco taking place on the 27-28 of June this year with names like Gianna Velarde attending the “practice race”.

Would you race a Chinese bike across the Andes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!



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