BMW Motorrad is posting teases on its Facebook page about an upcoming motorcycle.  But as is with teasers, there is not much in the line of firm information.

Last Wednesday, BMW released a single image Facebook post of a motorcycle shrouded in mist inside what looks to be a wind tunnel.  The post encouraged people to tune into their #RideAndTalk live podcast to witness the reveal of “something big.”  BMW then used the hashtag #BornOnTheRacetrack!.

Even with the mist, it looks like the new machine is street legal.  You can see headlights and mirrors, so it’s not likely to be a track-only model like the HP4 Race.   So perhaps the machine is an upgraded version of the German manufacturer’s S 1000 RR hyperbike.

M #Bornontheracetrack

The BMW teaser image showing the new BMW motorcycle.

And on September 22nd, at around noon Eastern time, BMW posted another teaser telling people that there were only six hours to go for the big reveal.   This time, the post features a picture of the bike’s display featuring a big “M” preceded by three colored bars.  The same colored bars as used in their performance cars.

bmw reveal

BMW’s Facebook page teaser.

Back in October 2019, we told you about BMW’s plan to shelve its HP bike designation and replace it with the auto company’s M designation.  This appears to be the first BMW motorcycle to receive the “M” moniker.  So with the most recent “M” Facebook post, BMW seems to have carried through with its plan to replace “HP” with “M.”  This, too, would also point to the bike being a “superbike” based machine.

Whatever the machine will be, you won’t have to wait long to find out all the details because BMW plans to roll out the new machine digitally on Facebook.

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