Despite the coronavirus pandemic, some travelers are still on the road, and others are planning to head out as soon as COVID-19 has cleared up. If you’re currently planning a trip to South America, there’s a new book on the market that might be a help. It’s titled Jeff & Alan’s Guide To Motorcycle Travel In Colombia.

That title lays out the whole premise of the book, with no faffing about. The book is the handiwork of Jeff Cremer and Alan Churchill. Cremer is an American ex-pat who moved to Colombia after several years living in Peru. He’s the owner/operator behind a full-service motorcycle rental and tour agency based in the city of Medellín. Before moving to Colombia, Cremer worked as a wildlife photographer in the Peruvian Amazon, and he’s relied on that experience to pack this book full of hundreds of photos of what to expect when touring Colombia.

Then you’ve got Churchill, who’s also an American ex-pat. He’s got lots of experience riding around the world (“Vietnam, Costa Rica, Cuba, and all over the United States,” he says), along with growing up up in former French and British colonies of the Caribbean. He understands the realities of adventure travel, generally speaking, but knows Colombia particularly well, as it’s his favourite place to ride.

So what’s in the book? Basically, it’s designed to be an all-in-one stop for information on riding in Colombia. Unlike other guides written for general travel purposes, this one is specifically aimed at adventure moto travel. The writers say they put it together due to Colombia’s current tourism boom, which is the result of a recent peace agreement between the government and guerillas. Topics in the book include multi-day moto tour itineraries, single-day trips out of Medellin, motorcycle rental/purchase tips, driving condition advice, and the classic question: “Is Colombia safe?”.

The new book costs only $7.83 on Kindle; a paperback copy boosts that price to $27.99. More details at Amazon.

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