Made for inmates by inmates: Turkana Gear, a South-Africa based and globally available brand, is entering the motorcycle luggage market with new solutions.

Turkana Gear offers motorcycle bags and panniers that tick all the essential boxes for tough long-distance travels: utilitarian, made to last, field-repairable, and, we hear, affordable.

Turkana Gear: New Motorcycle Luggage Solutions // ADV Rider

Turkana Gear is a new motorcycle luggage company aiming to solve long-distance adventure motorcyclists’ conundrum as old as adventure travel itself: how do you choose gear that is tough, waterproof, able to take a serious beating, repairable on the roadside, and made to last while still being affordable?

Veteran world riders Michnus and Elsebie Olivier, aka Piki Piki Overland (who are long-time inmates and contributors here on ADV Rider), have partnered up with Peter and Leonie Scheltens of Bartang and Renedian Adventures with a mission to offer riders motorcycle luggage that would tick all the boxes.

Designing motorcycle luggage that is incredibly strong, versatile, has an adaptable and modular design for riders to configure their luggage for different type of trips, is field repairable, and has a good backup commitment and able to endure years of trips all over the world in any condition is a bit like finding a unicorn and a bit of a black art, but we think we nailed it with Turkana“, founder Michnus Olivier says.

Turkana Gear: New Motorcycle Luggage Solutions // ADV Rider

The gear must be no-nonsense stuff, not over-engineered, but also not the cheap and cheerful stuff that will probably only last one or two seasons. We would rather have riders spend their money on experiences, not unnecessary equipment. So many of products are made for a specific country or region or a specific type of travel, whereas we strive to offer products that can be used around the world in any conditions, terrain, or expeditions. Between the founders of Turkana, we have a great team of people with years of experience in adventure riding, designing, manufacturing, and distributing quality ADV products, and we all have a massive passion for motorcycles and adventure riding“.

Turkana Gear: New Motorcycle Luggage Solutions // ADV Rider

Turkana Gear currently offers a line of soft panniers, duffel bags, and handlebar bags made from durable, abrasion and tear-resistant materials and are fully customizeable due to the incorporated MOLLE systems: riders can create their own luggage set ups using Turkana or even old military bags if that is their preference. To keep the quality expectional but offer reasonable prices, Turkana is manufactured in South Africa and available for purchase around the world.

Turkana is aimed at riders who want to play hard knowing the gear is up to the task, but also not worry they will destroy expensive gear or that the gear won’t be able to handle their type of trips due to poor quality. Our soft luggage is aimed at people who love the excitement of exploring and riding and need no-nonsense, honest luggage. Every type of bike and adventure motorcycle can accommodate our luggage and they even look snazzy on the newest brands, but still fit, work, and look cool on any old school thumper.

Adventure riding has come full circle. We are going back to the essence of what is adventure riding, exploring, and what adventure riding was always about. The fun and love of riding, seeing new places, people, and cultures, and being your own pioneer – even in your own backyard“, Olivier commented.

Turkana Gear currently offers:

  • Soft panniers
  • Duffel bags
  • Drybags and utility pouches
  • Handlebar bags

Turkana is available at,,




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