MV Agusta brings updates to its lower-priced Rosso series for 2021, with the F3 Rossi gaining a few improvements for next season.

The most important update is the Euro5-friendly engine. No emissions update means no sales in Europe, so MV Agusta had to make this happen. The liquid-cooled three-cylinder (counter-rotating crank) still makes 147 horsepower. Thanks to new DLC coating on the valve train, along with new main bearings, rods, countershaft and other bits, the engine has reduced internal friction. There’s also a new exhaust system (all-new, from manifold to muffler), which also improves power across the rev range along with cleaning up emissions.

There’s a new, more efficient bi-directional flow radiator. MV Agusta put new injectors on the bike, and updated the ECU firmware along with the other electro-trickery that manages the bike’s engine. As a result, throttle management is supposedly improved.

MV Agusta updated the clutch basket and put its third-generation quickshifter on the bike as well.

Photo: MV Agusta

The chassis is updated with new frame plates and improved swingarm connection, which MV says results in improved handling.

Finally, MV Agusta also overhauled the bike’s electronics package. There’s a new IMU on the bike, designed and developed by Italian firm e-Novia exclusively for MV Agusta. There’s a new cornering ABS system powered by Continental technology. The traction control system is also cornering-sensitive, with more precise management. Wheelie control can now be configured to control the front end lift, instead of just banning wheelies altogether (a major improvement for any would-be hoons!). MV Agusta put a 5.5-inch TFT on the bike, integrated with the MV Ride App (Android and iOS). With this interface, riders can control engine settings and other black magic, as well as record their trip and even use turn-by-turn navigation.

At this point, we haven’t seen American/Canadian pricing for the F3 Rosso, but we would expect it to come to North America as MV Agusta overhauls its operations here. Pricing will no doubt be higher than a Japanese equivalent, but remember the Rosso series is intended as MV Agusta’s budget-friendly line.

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