Technology continues to march forward, and KTM is in the parade.  KTM is announcing the creation of an advanced myKTM app.  The app can be used with all 2021 KTM SX-F four-stroke bikes.  KTM says that the new app “places simple and concise adjustability of engine mapping and performance, along with precise recommendations for suspension settings using well-presented and intuitive menu screens.”

The myKTM app works using a Bluetooth connection in concert with a “connectivity unit” located on the handlebar.  Once synced, you can find your bike in the “virtual GARAGE” on your phone.  Using the app, you will be able to use a range of tuning options and recommendations described in the respective “ENGINE” and “SUSPENSION” sections.

ENGINE section

The ENGINE section allows you to customize certain engine parameters.  It can change settings to suit your taste or adjust for the terrain and conditions you are about to enter.  Using a basic “sliding scale” approach (with several presets), riders can make many modifications.  The app will let you control vital parameters like engine braking, throttle response, traction control, and launch control.  KTM says that the changes are “tangible, effective, and very noticeable from the first meters of a new lap.”

myKTM app

Engine parameters are adjustable using KTM’s new myKTM app.


The SUSPENSION section does not immediately adjust the bike’s suspension settings.  Instead, it helps remove some of the guesswork associated with the best settings for hard-pack, muddy or sandy tracks.  Inside the section are SAG ASSISTANT and SUSPENSION SETTING recommendations.  The rider then adjusts the suspension manually using the recommendations from the app.

Joachim Sauer, KTM’s Senior Product Manager, Offroad, had this to say about the new app:

“It’s exciting to bring the myKTM app to the market.  Allowing for a whole new spectrum of adjustment possibilities, this is a tool designed to enhance the riding experience and make every KTM SX-F rider get the best out of their bike.  We’re happy with the versatility of the app and how alterations made with a smartphone can have such an interesting and immediate effect once out on the track. The work continues for us and for the foreseeable future we look at expanding the use and scope of myKTM to many more models from the KTM Offroad range. “

KTM has not released pricing or availability details.  For more information, KTM recommends that you contact your authorized KTM dealer.

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