OK, I admit it.  Husqvarna’s Iceland exploration video on their new Husqvarna Norden 901 really got my juices flowing.  So I was hoping that the next video would be chock full of details about the new bike.

But unfortunately, the next two videos that the manufacturer has released don’t do that.  Instead, we get a video of Mike Horn’s adventures and one about Lyndon Poskitt’s exploits.  Both men deserve a lot of praise for the adventures they’ve taken and the obstacles they’ve overcome.  And I’d gladly watch lengthier videos of their exploits in the future.  I’ve already watched many of Lyndon’s excellent videos.

And in no way do I want to belittle either of these men’s significant accomplishments.  They’ve had accomplishments that many of us would never undertake, never mind accomplish.

But I want to know more about the bike.  What are its specs?  What can we expect for components and the like?  Still, I have to say that Husqvarna’s videos have already hooked some of us into at least wanting to know more about the bike.

We already know that Husqvarna is a sister company to KTM under Pierer Mobility.  So it may be safe to assume that the Norden 901 and the KTM 890 will have significant similarities?  But what about the differences?

In at least one interview, Mr. Pierer has gone on record the Husky brand will have a somewhat softer edge than the KTM brand with its “Ready To Race” philosophy.  And that’s fine with me.  Adventure travel, as opposed to racing, sits well with many.  And for those riders, the proof is in the pudding (in this case, the bike’s specs), not in the drama associated with the “lifestyle.”

So come on Husqvarna, let’s get the Norden 901’s spec sheet out in the clear.  At that point, the real buzz created by serious buyers will commence, and potentially mark the beginning of wallets opening.




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