Looking to add visibility to your motorcycle? Rizoma can help with its new Vision Sequential Turn Signals.

As the name implies, the Italian-manufactured Vision Sequential Turn Signals take traditional turn indicators a step further by not only flashing, but flashing a series of five LED bulbs in the direction of turn, grabbing more attention and also leaving no doubt which direction the bike is turning. You can see the system in action in the video below:

This sort of capability would have been much more difficult back when motorcycles always came with incandescent turn signals, as they tended to be more bulky and consume more power, and also were more fragile. LEDs enable more trick light design, and these new turn signals are a good example of that. The LEDs also allow a more streamlined shape than the round or square turn signals of previous-generation motorcycles. The signals’ dimensions are 60 mm length, 16 mm wide, and 14.5 mm high. If you need more length, you can also purchase optional 32 mm turn signal stem extensions. Mounting adapter plates are also available, if your bike requires them.

The new Rizoma indicators come with a clear projector lens (the LEDs emit coloured light), with anodized billet aluminum body. They’re available with black or silver finish. A waterproof seal keeps rain out of the interior of the turn signal. The indicators come with the needed resistors (necessary to convert most bikes from incandescent signals to properly-functioning LEDs). They come with old-school bullet connectors for easy installation, but Rizoma also has a “no splice” cable adapter that allows a plug-n-play setup.

At roughly $84 US apiece (not per pair!) the Rizoma indicators are expensive, although it’s all relative: OEM replacement turn signals can also cost you a pretty penny. The Rizoma’s price does put them at the highest end of the aftermarket, though. But, remember the Vision turn signals are also road-legal, which is not the case with many of the mini signals available for cheap on eBay.


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