If you like the various Backcountry Discovery Routes (BDR) films, there’s another film coming from BDR videographer Sterling Noren.  But this time, it’s not a BDR film; it’s his own feature film called Riding Solo.

Since there were no new BDR routes to film due to COVID, Noren had some time on his hands.  So he decided to produce a film chronicling his 6,000 miles, 30-day solo motorcycle journey throughout the USA’s backcountry.

Noren riding solo

A screengrab from Sterling Noren’s upcoming film, “Riding Solo”.

In the more than 20-part series, Noren travels on some beautiful paved and dirt roads in America’s backcountry.  Along the way, he camps, cooks, and relaxes in remote and scenic places.  All the while, sharing his travels with us.

On his YouTube Motorcycle Travel Channel, Noren said:

“I didn’t have an itinerary. There was no schedule. I was free to just wake up and ride as far as I wanted, or as little as I wanted every day; and that’s what I did.”

“I made the route out as I went along, I filmed everything along the way and I just took my time…”

Noren goes on to say that spending time in nature by yourself gives his soul a chance to quiet down.  Being in nature renews his spirit and helped him go back to everyday life refreshed and able to contribute in a better way.

Ultimately, his goal was to camp every night and cook both dinner and breakfast at his campsites.  And for 30 days, that’s precisely what Noren did.

Noren riding solo

A screengrab from Sterling Noren’s upcoming film, “Riding Solo”.

In addition to the trip highlights, Noren says his film will talk about several things important to him and videography.  He will speak about his choice of motorcycle, camera, and drone and how they helped him record and accomplish his newest film project.

The first episode of Riding Solo will air on September 23rd.  Until then, you can see the trailer here.

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