Need a waterproof tankbag? Nelson Rigg had a couple of new models on display at its booth over the weekend’s IMS show in Long Beach, and they should be an improvement over the company’s previous tankbag offerings.

Previously, Nelson Rigg’s tankbags were made from ballistic nylon fabric, similar to the stuff the soft luggage industry has been using since the 1990s. The new Hurricane Adventure ($149.95) and Hurricane Dual Sport/Enduro ($89.95) tank bags are instead made of PVC tarpaulin-type material, with electronically-welded seams. This should be considerably more waterproof.

The bags are very similar in their appearance, with the main difference being the size. Both bags use a quick-release strap system, not magnetic attachment, which was Nelson Rigg’s older design. Both bags have a waterproof zipper around the top that’s protected by a flap of waterproof fabric, and a pocket on top of the bag with a see-through window that’s touchscreen-friendly. There’s also a mesh pocket under that lid, which can hold documents or a map or whatever.

The Dual Sport/Enduro bag is the smaller one, the Adventure tankbag is the smaller one on the bottom. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Because it’s bigger, Nelson Rigg also put water-resistant (not waterproof) side pockets on the Adventure bag.

Nelson Rigg says the Adventure bag has 11 liters of capacity, with internal dimensions of 12 inches long, eight inches wide, seven inches high. The Dual Sport/Enduro bag is eight inches long, five inches wide and four inches high, with 2.6 liters of capacity. Both bags have a lifetime warranty.

Along with the new tankbags, Nelson Rigg also had new Trails End tailbags for sale, made from a synthetic material. Like the tankbags, the Trails End tailbags are available in a larger Adventure size (seen below, at $149,95) and a smaller Dual Sport/Enduro size (seen above, at $119.95). The Adventure expands from 17.7 liters to 27.7 liters. The Dual Sport/ Enduro tailbag expands from 6.5 liters to 11 liters.

The Adventure tailbag appears to be highly functional. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

Nelson Rigg also had a waterproof phone case on display, which sticks to your gas tank via magnet, for $29.95. And, for the riders who can’t leave home without their pet, Nelson Rigg is also selling a new tail-mounted pet carrier system, supposedly good for animals up to 20 lbs weight. It’s big enough for a cat or a small dog, but Rottweiler owners are going to have to stick with their original plan and buy a sidecar rig, if they want to tour with the dog—the Nelson Rigg bag won’t fit a larger animal.

All these new products should be available in January, 2020. For more deets, hit up the Nelson Rigg website.

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