Canadian moto-equipment manufacturer/distributor Tirox is back again, this time with a new version of its SnapJack, aimed at single-sided swingarms.

Tirox has a range of products aimed at bike maintenance, especially for bikes with chain drive. For years, it’s been selling the SnapJack, a simple mini-jack that uses leverage, raw muscle and some fidgeting around to boost your bike’s rear tire in the air. Our previous review of the SnapJack V2 is here.

The V2 was aimed at bikes with conventional dual-sided swingarms (which includes most adventure bikes, dual sports, cruisers, tourers, etc.). However, it didn’t work on single-sided swingarms, so now we get the SnapJack SS. It appears to be the same basic arrangement as the V2, with the construction and design optimized for single-sided swingarms. Instead of pivoting on the swingarm, the SS model has a roller that inserts into the rear axle, which should make for more stability during use. Tirox says the SS comes with 29 mm and 42 mm inserts, which should fit most single-sided swingarms, including popular bikes from Triumph and Ducati.

As per Tirox’s amrkeering: “Just insert the rubberized pin inside your wheel axle, lower your side stand to the ground and push at the pivot point to lift your back wheel easily. Once off the ground you can spin the wheel freely to clean or lube your chain and wheel without having to carry around a full paddock stand. Ideal for touring or long rides thanks to its size and carry pouch which fits in most bike luggage.” In practice, the old V2 was a bit fussy, and a tad sketchy to use on unpaved surfaces, but the new SS looks like it’s less fidgety, and it’s unlikely you’ll be riding your Ducati sportbike around offroad.

Tirox is selling the SnapJack SS in the USA, Canada, Europe, the UK and Australia; it’s $69.99 in the US, $75.99 in Canada. For more deets on Tirox’s line, check out its website.


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