Triumph is reworking the Bonneville line again, with a full release of the new models coming later this month.

In a normal year, we would have seen the new Bonnies unveiled at the Intermot show in October, or the EICMA show in November. No big moto trade shows means the manufacturers are free to release their bikes on their own schedule, which probably makes everyone on the development team a lot happier.

So, on to what we see in the video. There are six motorcycles pictured, and a close-up of one reveals it’s a T120. Looks like Triumph isn’t coming out with an all-new engine, then, just updating the current one. The video also shows off a trick new LED headlight. Looking at the oddball design, it’s possible we’re going to see a cornering headlight on the new Bonneville, one that’s lean angle-sensitive and “shines into” the curves. Or maybe not—maybe it’s just a weird LED arrangement. It would be unusual to put that tech on a retro bike, as it’s usually limited to touring or performance bikes.

Triumph’s teaser for the new Bonneville doesn’t give much away. Photo: Triumph

Of the six models displayed, there are four standardish-looking machines, a bobber, and a bike that appears to have more of a luxury roadster layout. Triumph also has a teaser website up for the new model, but with no real details—just a promise that the machines will be unveiled on February 23, and a photo of the new bike’s cockpit. Stay tuned then, we’ll know the rest of the story in a couple of weeks.

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