Triumph has released a new mobile app that provides crash detection for motorcyclists, alerting emergency services if that happens.

How does it work? The Triumph SOS app uses your smartphone’s built-in accelerometers to determine when a crash happens. Then, you have a 30-second window to cancel the crash alert. After that, the app will notify emergency services that you’ve crashed your bike, prompting the authorities to call your phone. If you don’t answer the phone, then (in theory) emergency services will send an ambulance to your location to check and make sure you’re OK. At least, that’s how it will work in the UK and Europe.

Supposedly, the system is very foolproof, and rarely sends out false alarms to emergency services. At least you have a call from the ambulance dispatchers before they actually send the meat wagon to check up on you.

Note that Triumph isn’t the first company to offer an app like this. EatSleepRide first offered an app like this more than five years ago; BikerSOS and REALRIDER and other apps also have similar functionality. Go through the Google Play Store, or the iOS App Store, and you’ll see options.

Obviously, the app is dependent on cell phone data; if you’re riding in the woods, far away from 4G reception, you’ll be on your own.

The Triumph SOS app is free for Triumph owners for three months; then, it costs per month. US riders pay $4.99 monthly, Canadian riders pay $5.99, UK riders pay £3.99. It’s not restricted to Triumph owners; anyone can download the app and try it, and you can cancel at any time.

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