There’s a new naked bike in town. Er, well not quite yet, but it is coming later this month.

This week, Triumph dropped a YouTube teaser for the new Speed Triple 1200 RS. There’s not much to go on here; all we get is a few seconds of footage of the headlights (similar to the Street Triple’s twin beams), some engine noise, and a promise that the bike will get a full reveal on January 26.

However, we can make some very good assumptions about the new bike. First off, you can be sure the Speed Triple 1200 RS will be Euro5-certified, with a larger engine. Triumph can’t sell it in the EU without updating the three-cylinder’s emissions, and the constant regulation changes means the OEMs have to update their engines, whether they want to or not.

If the Speed Triple is updated to Euro5, then chances are Triumph will need to big-bore the engine, to maintain power output. The “1200” in the bike’s name is a giveaway, as the current model is only a 1050cc triple. Currently, the Speed Triple makes about 148 horsepower, and that’s lagging in face of the increasingly more powerful competition from Italy, Germany and Austria. Expect it to jump to nearly 160 horsepower with this latest update.

As for other updates: We’ll see latest-gen electronics, although adaptive cruise control seems unlikely. There’ll be top-shelf brakes (probably Brembo Monobloc calipers), most likely fully-adjustable Ohlins suspension, and some carbon-fibre bits. The RS currently sells for $16,500 in the US, $18,300 in Canada, and no doubt that MSRP will go up as well.

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