Want to soup up your Little Red Pig? Yoshimura’s got the solution, or at least part of the solution, with a new S-4 exhaust system for the Honda CRF300L and CRF300 Rally.

Yoshimura now has a new exhaust can for the CRF300L, an easy slip-on that saves you money by reusing the stock header. Or, if you’ve got the money for a more aggressive upgrade, Yoshimura also sells a complete header/muffler exhaust system. As the Honda CRF300L and 300 Rally  are based on the same motor and chassis, the same exhaust bits will fit both bikes.

The slip-on alone boosts low-end output. According to Yoshimura, the new S-4 slip-on provides 14.2 percent more max power at the bottom end of the rev range while not affecting max horsepower. If you upgrade to the whole system, Yoshimura claims max horsepower rises 5.9 percent, with the whole rev range noticeably stronger. The exhaust is supposed to sound better (always a subjective question) and cuts weight over the stock unit. Yoshimura also offers a USFS-approved spark arrestor, so you don’t get ticketed or accidentally run afoul of Smokey the Bear for burning down his home.

Yoshimura’s marketing copy doesn’t mention whether an EFI tuner is needed to realize horsepower gains. The pentagonal-shaped exhaust comes with a two-staged stepped baffle,, and carbon-fibre endcap. It’s made of stainless steel. The whole system weighs 9.5 pounds, compared to the 12.3 pounds of the stock system. MSRP for the slip-on is $519; the complete system is $619.

Along with the new exhaust bits, Yoshimura also offers a new fender eliminator kit for the CRF300 machines ($119.95), and turn signal plates to relocate the blinkers ($46.95 for the front, $19.95 for the rear).

You can see Yoshimura’s whole CRF300 series offerings here.

Big-bore ADV bikes always grab the most headlines in the adventure riding world (the Harley-Davidson Pan America being the most recent example). However, it’s the smaller, more affordable bikes that are really more relevant to riders in most global markets. With that in mind, it’s good to see the accessories manufacturers creating add-ons for the Honda CRF300L. This is probably the most widely-distributed dual sport machine in the world, with availability on every continent. It’s good to see the industry step up to support it.

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