When is a Rolie bag not a Rolie bag? When it’s got zip-top closure, that’s when.

Wolfman has a new line of waterproof bags on the market, similar to its recently-updated Rolie bags, but with zipper access. The new Zip-R WP bags use the same RF-welded seam construction as the latest-generation Rolies. The YKK Aqua Guard Water Repellent zipper should keep muck and rain at bay, but Wolfman doesn’t say these bags are weatherproof, like the Rolies. Instead, Wolfman says “Construction and materials resist water, mud and dust.”

The Rolie design was foolproof, but the rolltop closure probably worked better for the older drybag-style design. The updated zipper closure probably suits the more rigid RF-welded bags better. It looks a bit more tidy, too, and should make it easier to access the bag’s internals. The Zip-R WP bags come in small, medium and large sizes, priced at $100, $105 and $125 respectively.

The new Zip-R WP bags have attachment points on the exterior, like the newer and older Rolie designs, allowing riders to strap the bags to Wolfman’s various mounting base systems.

The Zip-R bags handily attach to the new Tank Pannier Base. Wolfman’s older tank panniers have been off the market for a while, so this should be a welcome new version for the brand’s fans. Photo: Wolfman

This includes Wolfman’s E-Base and B-Base systems, allowing riders to use them as saddlebags. Wolfman also has a new Tank Pannier Base, which allows riders to sling the Zip-R or Rolie bags over their gas tank. The new Tank Pannier Base is $125. Wolfman says this fits the small and medium Zip-R bags, but the large size is not a good fit. Riders can also attach Wolfman’s Bottle Holster.

The new Tank Pannier base is designed as a universal fit, for most bikes, but Wolfman says riders’ knees might bump the bags on some bikes.

For more deets on the Zip-R WP bags, see the Wolfman website here. The Tank Pannier Base is here.


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