On Tuesday at 4:15PM PDT / 7:15PM EDT ADVRider’s founder and fearless leader Chris MacAskill (ADVRider inmate Baldy) will Live Stream an interview with Sam Paschel, Zero Motorcycle’s CEO. To get a reminder visit Youtube video page here and click the “Get Reminder” button in the bottom corner of the video.

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Zero Motorcycles was born in a garage in Santa Cruz, California and has since grown to become the US’s leading electric motorcycle manufacturer.  Where other electric motorcycle manufacturers have come and gone, Zero continues to grow.

So what does it take to keep Zero at the top of an expanding and more competitive electric motorcycle industry?  Zero’s CEO Sam Paschel knows and he and Baldy will chat about Zero and its story.

Sam has been riding motorcycles since he was 8 years old.  His passion for two wheels shows in Zero’s march to become an industry leader.  He firmly believes that electric motorcycles will hold a significant role in the future and is positioning Zero to lead the way.

Zero’s plan is to balance performance, range, weight, affordability, and availability.   With that in mind, Sam is addressing areas where other manufacturers may fall short.  Key parameters of Zero’s success are its commitment to quality and the development of innovative technology.

Zero only releases products that are fully developed and tested prior to release to production and the public.  In an industry where the rush to announce new developments and technology is key, Zero stands alone.


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