With great boredom comes great creativity, and now we’re starting to see that play out through the COVID-19 lockdown. Tired of sitting around and doing nothing, famed freestyle MXer Travis Pastrana is now putting on a new racing event based out of his “Pastranaland hone compound.” It’s called the Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship, and it runs on ESPN2 on August 15.

So what, exactly, is coming? A bunch of goon riding, that’s what. Pastrana and a bunch of his friends from the Nitro Circus are going to be racing pit bikes around, as two-person teams. The race course was designed by Nitro Circus mechanic, Hubert Rowland, and as you can see in the trailer above, there’s wooded sections and a more open MX-style section. As per the Nitro Circus press release, “Once out of the starting gate, riders quickly have to contend with banked turns, ramp-to-ramp jumps and an over-under crossover, creating a run just as challenging as a Pro National track.”

As for the bikes–most people don’t think of pit bikes as competition machines. These smallish dirt bikes are either used to train kids on the basics, or used for riding around the background of the racetrack (hence the name “pit bike”—you use them to ride around the pits). The press release says pit bikes’ “compact lightweight frame only makes them easier to maneuver and deliver even more head-to-head action,” but looking at that video clip, again—it seems a lot of the appeal here is goon riding. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

There will 11 two-person teams at the Pit Bike Championship, and while some of the racers will be familiar faces from the world of motocross, other riders include mountain bike hotshots like Anneke Beerten and her husband Dusty Wygle (they’re on separate teams, which might make things more interesting …). No word on whether or not Ronnie Mac is going to show up, but it sounds like his sort of event.

Joe Carr, the bigwig behind Nitro Circus’ parent company, says “Travis and the Nitro Circus team have always been incredibly passionate about pushing the limits. With Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship, we’ve set out to create an event that’s action- packed, insanely fun and completely unpredictable, which is a tall order even in the best of circumstances. We can’t wait to bring racing excitement back to viewers in a fresh new way on August 15th.”

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