If you are familiar with Freestyle motocross, you’re likely familiar with Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus freestyle show. Very talented riders perform airborne maneuvers that are startlingly difficult and potentially dangerous.

So when Travis took the Nitro Circus show to Europe recently, he shipped everything needed, including all of the performers’ bikes. This is nothing new for the Nitro Circus. They’ve held shows virtually across the entire planet.

So it was somewhat surprising and unfortunate that Travis broke the news that all of the performers’ bikes had been stolen from one of approximately 10 shipping containers that the circus uses to move everything needed for a show.

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The shipping container coming back from Europe was broken into and all the bikes were stolen. The shipping port said some thieves got ‘lucky’ and broke into one of the 10 or so nitro containers which just so happened to have the motorcycles in it and took off with the lot…. @bilkofmx @jarrydmcneil @adamjones760 @beaubam612 @stevemini83 @harrybink @motoduff @sheenyfmx Almost a garuntee we will never see most of them again but I had the only prototype @kevlarbrand super light weight bike ever built.. so if you see an old RM 250 2Stroke that’s lighter then any bike out there and has #Kevlar instead of plastic. Please let me know! Really feel for @jarrydmcneil too. He has won multiple @xgames gold medals on that bike and planned to keep it for life. @nitrocircus

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Pastrana tagged several of the show’s performers apparently identifying those who lost bikes.  Pastrana wasn’t immune from loss from the theft either.  Travis’ extensively modified carbon fiber RM250 was also stolen.

In his post, Pastrana specifically called out Jarryd McNeil.  McNeil is a world-class X-Games competitor and has won 12 Gold medals in X-Game events.   Unfortunately, the bike on which McNeil won several medals with was also stolen and he also took to Instagram to report the theft.

The port the bikes were stolen from is not clear.  It could have been either in France or the US.  But you do have to wonder if the thieves knew precisely what they were stealing.  Nitro Circus’ bikes are pretty well known.  Trying to sell them would be much more difficult.  On the other hand, the circus had 10 containers and the thieves broke into that one specifically.  So perhaps they did know what they were stealing.

Nonetheless, it’s a tough blow for the Nitro Circus and the performers that depend on their machines to make a living.


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