There won’t be any new Haynes manuals printed, says French publisher Infopro Digital.

That doesn’t mean existing Haynes manuals, already in print, will no longer be printed. Existing products will continue publication, at least for now. However, for its new how-to books, Haynes says it will focus on digital publishing. Here’s what the official company line was, on Twitter:

The tweet goes on to say Haynes is working on a new digital product that can cover multiple models:

So, maybe we’re about to get some sort of ruggedized e-reader, optimized for Haynes manuals? Or maybe not. Note that the second tweet does not mention any motorcycles, or powersports products.

An e-reader would have the benefit of being able to link the viewer to video, instead of just using crude drawings or black-and-white photos for illustrations. It could also offer hyperlinks to parts sources, and no doubt there are many other possibilities enabled by connecting a DIY manual to the information superhighway.

The move towards digital products shouldn’t surprise anyone who pays attention to the publishing world, but it might disappoint DIYers. Websites have taken over the role Haynes manuals held, but many home wrenchers still find the printed manuals a handy shop resource. Official factory manuals are often highly overpriced, call for expensive specialty tools and complicated repair procedures, and might not be readily available. Haynes manuals were written with the enthusiast in mind, with money-saving recommendations.

And, it was a given that changes were ahead at Haynes. After founder John Haynes died in 2019, Infopro Digital bought the manual publishing business. This French publisher specifically focuses on digital products, so it didn’t take a crystal ball to read the future for Haynes.

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