Another interesting piece of kit crossed my desk the other day.  What is it?  It’s a NOCS Provisions single tube monocular telescope (NOCS).  And depending on what’s important to you during your adventure ride, you may or may not find yourself carrying one along.


A profile view of the NOCS.

In keeping with the “What Do You Think?” series. I won’t tell you my impression of the device until the end.  I’m more interested in reading your thoughts.

NOCS Zoom Tube Monocular Telescope

The NOCS Zoom Tube 8X32 Monocular Telescope is a compact, water-resistant (IPX4) monocular.  NOCS says that it is fog proof through its nitrogen-sealed O-rings.

It weighs about 9.5 ounces (270g) and is contained in an approximate 5″ by 1.85″ package.  It will easily fit into just about any sized tank bag and large jacket pockets.  You can find the NOCS technical specs on NOCS’s website.


NOCS technical specs.

The NOCS’ optics are housed in a “rugged impact-absorbing housing” (think rubberized).  The housing is also ribbed, which is said to provide maximum grip and protection.  You can get the monocular in six different colors (yellow, black, blue, green, red, and orange).

The device’s optics use a “fully multi-coated lens” and a BaK4 roof prism” to provide a claimed wide field of view (384 ft @ 1000 yards).  Generally, a BaK4 glass prism has a higher refractive index rate and brighter edges of the field of view.

As with most distance viewing devices, the NOCS has a manually adjustable zoom feature.  The zoom knob is located at the top of the device and can be adjusted with one finger while holding the NOCS to your eye.  There’s also a twist-up eyecup that is compatible with glasses.

The eyecup and zoom knob are easily adjustable with one finger.

If you are interested in what’s up close, the NOCs have a microscope capability.  The outer end of the NOCs has an internal thread that allows you to screw on an aluminum body 4X multiplier lens which provides a 32 power zoom.  NOCS Provisions also have an aluminum-bodied clip that attaches to a backpack strap etc.


The NOCS with its magnifying lens attached.

NOCS pricing

The MSRP for the NOCS Zoom Tube 8X32 Monocular Telescope is $75.  The Microscope 4X Multiplier Lens is $35, and the aluminum strap capture clip is $70.


From my perspective, the NOCS Zoom Tube 8X32 Monocular Telescope is a cool little gadget.  If you have the space to carry one and want a compact device to view things at a distance, the NOCs might be for you.  I did use them, and it was nice to have a distance viewing capability in my tank bag ready for use.

As for the microscope function, that’s a pass for me.  But I did try the feature, and it does work well.  I do like the aluminum clip, but at $70, it’s a pretty pricey way to carry the monocular.  But if you’re the kind of person that wants secure, instantaneous access to the NOCS, it may be worth it to you.

The NOCS can be carried with an aluminum-bodied clip that attaches to “any” strap.

In summary, I do like the NOCS.  It’s a compact, (smaller than binoculars), weather-resistant, easily held, grippy little device that does have positive uses.  At $75, its pricing is mid-pack.  Certainly, you can get a monocular for less, but I have to question the quality of some of the less expensive monoculars out there.  You can also pay more, much more.  After a brief search, I found several manufacturers with monocular prices from $100 – $150.

I can see it being useful for viewing wildlife, scouting a track, or just everyday use.   At $75, I think the pricing is reasonable for what it is.

So what do you think?  Would NOCS be useful to you on an adventure ride?  What do you think of the pricing?  Let us know in the comments below.


All image credit: NOCS Provisions


Note: NOCS Provisions provided the items discussed here free of charge but did not provide anything else of value for this article.



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